Increasing transparency and reinforcing trust back to the people


CHERR.IO is a transparent global ecosystem for charitable causes, based on blockchain technology. The charity sector is dealing with a serious trust issue, namely funds, which are sent to people in need, don’t always reach the intended recipients — but blockchain technology can provide a solution.


Charities have modernised themselves and embraced the internet and social networks to engage more people. It is now extremely easy to raise money for a cause and deliver it to the people in need. But people still have second thoughts concerning NGOs, since they have their agenda and frauds are very hard to detect. Due to these facts, charities are losing their good reputation, and people tend to donate less.

NGOs are also looking for new channels through which donators can make donations, but the implementation of these channel options is very fragmented, unsystematic and only on a small scale.

CHERR.IO solves mentioned problems as well as other problems related to donation projects. CHERR.IO, through various approaches, increases trust in NGOs, provides an overview of verified donation projects, as well as evaluates the success of those projects by communities. In the value chain, from the identification of the need for a donation project to the final recipient of the donation, there are several actors who differ according to the purpose of the donation. Therefore, problems need to be solved from the point of view of technologies and interoperability of extremely different systems, from the point of view of security and protection of personal and other data, and from the point of view of compliance with tax and other legislation. During the entire value chain of any donation purpose the validity of information is in question as well – not only transactions/facts/content, but also photos taken as a proof by NGOs, volunteers, beneficiaries, or other individuals. There is no real transparency at the moment, since published information in media can be manipulated, which leads to an increase in fake news. Therefore, CHERR.IO will build trust and reputation models on blockchain.

Our goal is to make this technology available to all charitable organizations by creating an universal platform that will improve and expand the existing fundraising processes, increase transparency and reinforce the trust that the people have in charitable organizations.

Increase Efficiency
Real-time Transparency
Strenghten People's Trust

Our Roadmap

Roadmap Idea

2022 / Q1

  • Defining project idea
  • Potential markets analysis
Roadmap Concept

2022 / Q2

  • Scientific, technical/technology, commercial research plan
Roadmap The Team and Prototype

2022 / Q3

  • Analysis of results from NGOs
  • Trust level research
  • Technology and data research among donation ecosystems
Roadmap Tokensale

2022 / Q4

  • Analysis of results from commercial-based research related to legislation, taxation, marketing potential on foreign markets
  • Survey and consultation with the focus group and future pilot group of users
Roadmap Phase 1

2023 / Q1

  • A project solution design and business applicability
  • Technical report
  • Scientific article/paper
  • Infrastructure setup and development plan
  • UI/UX
  • Validation plan
Roadmap Phase 2

2023 / Q2

  • Consultation with the pilot group
  • UI/UX finalised
  • Prototype
  • Communication strategy
Roadmap Phase 1

2023 / Q3

  • Piloting and MVP
  • Go to market strategy and business plan
  • Pitch deck for investors
  • Communication activities

Contact Us

We are open to cooperate with tourist agencies and their booking systems, NGOs and restaurants in order to expand the CHERR.IO Ecosystem to other countries. Contact us for more details and/or send us your collaboration suggestions.