Increasing transparency and reinforcing trust back to the people


The CHERR.IO TOURHOS project focuses mainly on tackling hunger and reducing inequality, namely UN Sustainable Development Goal 2, i.e. Zero Hunger, and Goal 10, i.e. Reduced Inequalities. The project aims to establish an ecosystem of donations, as well as to create an offer of quality hot meals for those who cannot afford it on a daily basis. Moreover, it is observed that people in need are often placed on the margins of society, and very few mechanisms exist to make them feel accepted as equal members of society. Therefore, the purpose of the project is also that aid recipients, in our case the final recipients of donations, could choose hot meals in regular restaurants that will be a part of the CHERR.IO ecosystem, and not only in the restaurants for the poor or homeless. This places this population back in normal society and among other CHERR.IO TOURHOS ecosystem restaurant guests. Eligibility for social assistance of final beneficiaries (poor individuals or families) will be verified and confirmed by NGOs, which will be able to choose the final beneficiaries independently. Thus, several agents (donator/tourist, travel agency, NGO, restaurant, final recipient of a hot meal) are involved in the process “from donation to recipients of hot meals”, and CHERR.IO TOURHOS must ensure privacy, security, interoperability, transparency, portability of data and services, as well as compliance with legislation in this process.

Our goal is to make this technology available to all charitable organizations by creating an universal platform that will improve and expand the existing fundraising processes, increase transparency and reinforce the trust that the people have in charitable organizations.

Increase Efficiency
Real-time Transparency
Strenghten People's Trust

Our Roadmap

Roadmap Idea

2021 / Q4

  • Project idea
  • First initial research between potential ecosystem partnerships in Slovenia
Roadmap Concept

2022 / Q1

  • Technical, Legal & Market research on a wider scale (EU level)
  • Consultation with the pilot group
  • Communication strategy preparation
  • UX/UI
Roadmap The Team and Prototype

2022 / Q2

  • Development & piloting preparation
  • Prototyping development
  • Consultation with the pilot group
  • Ongoing info and communication activities
Roadmap Tokensale

2022 / Q3

  • Development & piloting preparation
  • Pilots round 1
  • Ongoing info and communication activities
  • Proof of concept
Roadmap Phase 1

2022 / Q4

  • Pilots round 2
  • MVP finalisation
  • Open source API
  • Guidelines for developers
Roadmap Phase 2

2023 / Q1

  • Expansion into new markets and donation areas
  • Investor search

Contact Us

We are open to cooperate with tourist agencies and their booking systems, NGOs and restaurants in order to expand the CHERR.IO TOURHOS to other countries. Contact us for more details and/or send us your collaboration suggestions.